In Other Friday News Bites: Science! Beer + More

It seemed insensitive to tack on a bunch of miscellaneous stories at the end of my #BlackLivesMatter news post, so here’s a short roundup of some other stories I found interesting this week.


Your Voice Feels Spiky: Synesthesia!

My husband never gave much thought to it – sounds had colors and shapes, objects were masculine or feminine. Wasn’t that just something everyone felt? It wasn’t until he was an adult and happened upon information that told him, No, your experience is not universal. His brain happens to be wired a bit differently and […]


Crosspost: Pumpkin Pie and Pumpkin Custard!

The other day, my mother ended up having to rush out to pick people up and wasn’t going to be able to put together her pumpkin stuff. Looking for something to do, I spied the canned pumpkin. Now, I’ve never made pumpkin pie before. But knowing that those cans of potential deliciousness might go back […]


Your Aura is a Bit Splotchy: Synesthesia Revisited

If you’re a long-time reader of Persephone, or you’re interested in weird and wonky goings on in the human brain, you may have read the article I wrote back in February about being a synesthete (which you can find here). I was ecstatic to find that so many people were interested in my “brain disorder” […]


Questionable Quirks

Quirks, foibles, having a “thing” about something… when does it turn from an easy way for your friends to tease you to an Issue that needs Treatment?It’s a question I’ve been toying with recently. I have a few notable “quirks,” and have had them for years. Anyone who is close to me knows that, when […]

The Daily Goodie

TDG and Open Thread- 2/15

Good Morning, Good Morning Persephoneers! Welcome to day two of the new format; starting this week the Daily Goodie doubles as an all-day open thread, and new content starts at noon. Today’s a big day here at Persephone headquarters – our own Teri Floyd is being cross posted at MSNBC this morning. If you haven’t […]

Open Thread

Wednesday Night Open Thread!

We’re packing up for the night so we can run the vacuum and hide the beer cans before morning.  Why, you ask? Our very own Teri’s post on synesthesia is being crossposted on MSNBC’s Body Odd blog first thing tomorrow morning!  YAY TERI! *UPDATE* That piece is now going to be running on Tuesday the […]


Your Name Tastes Like Purple

In my head, the letter N is green. The number 5 is blackish gray, and in his early 20s. The month of February is lavender colored and covered in ice. So in case you haven’t guessed, I have synesthesia. I’ve had it all my life, I suppose. People who are experts on such things say […]