That’s Not My Name: Difficult Spelling and Pronunciation

When my husband and I married, I joked to him that perhaps I would have kept my maiden name only if it had been more interesting than “Smith.”


Badass Ladies: Louise Macintosh Slaughter

When we commemorate Women’s History Month, we often remember the famous ladies throughout history whose actions and efforts happened long before a lot of us were born. But, as Sally J. mentioned the other day, there are still a surprising amount of “firsts” left to be had, and there are a lot of women out […]


Dragon Age:Origins Review

Just a small review for this week’s entry. Last year, I bought Dragon Age: Origins, so I’m writing a review of the first game in the series now in anticipation of the “sequel” which should be released next month in March. First, one thing that bothers me about “classical” RPGs is that you can’t have a […]