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Recap: Doctor Who 6.02 “The Day of the Moon”

It’s the summer of love in America, and the Doctor’s band of merry misfit toys is running across deserts and dams and skyscrapers.  They’re running to escape the men with guns, they’re running away from the ghost of the Doctor, they’re running away from the Silence and from their own secrets.


Ladyguide: So You’re Having A Hysterectomy

So it’s time to send your uterus and/or ovaries away for not toeing the company line.  The Internet is full (and I mean full) of stories of women who’ve had the procedure, and there is no shortage of horror stories.  I’m here to help.


Cannabis Talk Time; A “Merry-juana” New Year

Happy 2011 everyone! After a bit of a break to deal with some of Wash’s cancer issues we are back! We hope everyone has survived the winter holiday season intact and without any new bad incidents. In today’s episode our intrepid time travelers Wash and Tashi visit 2011 from 2010…

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Have a Great Weekend

We’re heading out for the weekend after living making it through week two! I had a couple of questions about weekend posts, but as of right now posting on the weekends isn’t on our radar.  If we get inspired, you may see a random post from an overachieving writer or something on breaking news, but […]