You Go Girl: A Reflection on Sheryl Sandberg’s New Book, Lean In

About a month ago, I decided that, instead of talking about Sheryl Sandberg’s new book Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, (and enthusiastically recommending that other people read it because “it was so important”), that I should take my own advice and read it myself. So I did. And I am so […]


Five Podcasts You Need to be Listening To

I hate listening to the radio. Hate it. Commercials, the same ten songs over and over; it’s just not for me.

Op Ed

Moral Outrage, Righteous Anger and the Enemies of Compassion

A few weeks ago, I was fuming after reading one of Susan’s fantastic takedowns. I was yelling and swearing, sitting alone at my computer, and it felt good. My anger felt productive, like it was easing some of the helplessness I felt at the subject of Susan’s rant. I felt so certain I was on […]