Book Review: “Tales From My Closet” (And My Overall-Tutu)

It all started with my sister posting a picture on Facebook with the comment, “Who the hell would wear this?” Answer: I would, and I do.

This Week in Misogyny

This Week in Misogyny: Hoo Lordy

Oh, misogyny. It never stops, does it? This week we’re catching up on three weeks worth of awful, so brace yourselves. Plus, you get to find out why I’m not friends with very many people from high school! (Yes, it’s disgustingly relevant and you probably already saw the story.) As usual, trigger warnings for pretty […]


Parenthood: Life in the Fast Lane

Another new Parenthood! I can hardly take it. I know it’s all building up the season finale, but I’m enjoying every new episode as it airs. Tonight’s show opens with Haddie having the sexy sex with her boyfriend, followed by a scene with Adam and Kristina driving home from the grocery store, talking about whether […]

Pop Culture

Big Love: Til Death Do We Part

It’s all guns, pills and teenage girls on Big Love as we slide into the final few episodes of the season.  The tension is building, and on Sunday night, all the cracks in the ice leading up to the end of this series joined into the black hole we’ve seen the characters descend into in […]