New Show Recap

New Show Recap: Parenthood 5.18, “The Offer”

I had high hopes for episode 18 of Parenthood, especially about Joel and Julia’s storyline. It turns out, not too much happened there, but everyone else had plots that moved right along.


Today’s Youth (or “Let The Eye-Rolling Begin”)

I just returned from chaperoning a high school trip to New York, taking 85 dance students to see shows, take classes, and explore Manhattan. Granted, I was one of several chaperones so it wasn’t as arduous as it sounds, but it was still exhausting and challenging – try explaining to a huffy teen girl that “bed […]


Book Review: “Skinny” by Donna Cooner

[TW: weight, body image, gastric bypass] I have”¦ mixed feelings about Skinny, Donna Cooner’s debut YA novel about a teen who undergoes gastric bypass surgery. On the one hand, I’m glad it exists. On the other, I wish it weren’t quite so preachy.

Persephone Pioneers

Interview with a Nonprofit Partner: Youth N Action

Nonprofit organizations work in conjunction with many other programs. We rely on community partnerships because “we build on the synergy.” By working together we ensure the needs of our community are met to the fullest potential possible. One amazing partner, Youth N Action, represents that ideal. I have the opportunity to work alongside a program […]


Non-Profit Visionaries

A typical non-profit is created to meet a need within the community or a population. The founders of a non-profit serve their community with little thought to their own personal needs. They create an organization to meet the needs that they see. They write grants and get funding from community groups to do what they […]

Morbid Curiosity

Morbid Curiosity: Melty Wonders

One would think that finding an appropriate Halloween-themed recipe in a vast collection of old cookbooks would be easy. But you’d be wrong. Judging by the cookbooks, I’ve come to believe that the only themes that were allowed for costume parties in mid-century North America were “Boredom” and “Blatant Racism.”