A Completely True Biography of Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson was born outside the known universe, inside a black hole where time is relative. I’d tell you the name of his solar system, but to your miniscule human brain, the characters alone would make your eyeballs explode, which would be very messy for you. So let’s call the magical realm where Mr. […]

Persephone Bracket

Fall Bracket II: And the Winner is…

It’s all come down to this, ladies and (presumably a couple of) gentlemen. We finally have our winner. 


The Plus-size Paradox

Ladies, I’ve discovered the simplest possible way for designers and manufacturers to start really addressing the fashion needs of their plus-size customers.  Sure, it’d be great if there were more designers who learned how to cut patterns for larger size.  It would also be fantastic if we saw more men and women models represent a […]