My Favorite Game That I Wish Would Go Away

It’s called “Okay, But Ladies.” And you can make your own variants, such as “Okay, But People of Color” or “Okay, But LGBT People.” It’s quite adaptable, as you’ll see.

Pop Culture

Who Hates Gatsby?

By Gatsby, I mean the Great One. You know, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Gatsby. The Great Gatsby. So here we are. I read The Great Gatsby junior year in school. I even had the good fortune of an English teacher who chose to show us the 1974 movie version. My opinion of the book was not […]

Open Thread

Thursday Dance Party Open Thread for 5/16/13

Tonight, my lovelies, we dance the Charleston. Last week, I was listening to the Fresh Air review of The Great Gatsby, and at the tail end, I heard the most amazing thing. 


Rereading The Classics: My Top 5

When I was young, under ten, my mom would try to get me to read certain classic books she had enjoyed as a child – Little Women, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, and others. Hopelessly contrary kid that I was (and still am, to a certain degree), I groaned and rolled my eyes and went back […]