Just for Fun

Smug It Out, Bitches: .gifs for Gloating

Sometimes, being right is delicious. For those moments when quietly enjoying a personal victory just won’t do, these .gifs can be the cherry on top of your rightness. 

Persephone Bracket

Never Mind the Neilsens: Sweet Sixteen Day Two

Today we’re voting for supporting badasses in comedy! I think this may end up being a generational vote, so I heartily encourage my fellow old broads and bastards to get in here and vote. Do it for Gen X. Do it for your childhood. Do it for the Olds.

Lunchtime Poll

Lunchtime Poll – 9/7

Who is your favorite Muppet?   Elmo has received a lot of hype in the past two decades, for some unknown reason. Bert and Ernie get in the news occasionally for what they do or do not do in their twin beds. Kermit is probably the iconic Muppet. But I’ve always had a soft spot for […]