The Psychology of Letting Go

TW: death, suicide Last July, my friend J was found in a park, dead by his own hand. And I lost it. I’m still not completely sure why: though he’d been a huge influence on me, he’d also been out of my life for several years. 


Persephone on Persephone

Last night, Luci Furious and I had the pleasure of seeing the awesomely-named Six Seeds: The Persephone Project. The play, produced by Warner | Shaw and the Theater at the Tank in New York, is an exploration of the myth of Persephone. You may remember Mara’s piece on her participation in the project last week.


Badass Ladies of History: Jackie “Moms” Mabley

“Wouldn’t y’all vote for me to be president? That’s right, I can’t make it no worse! If Elizabeth can run England, I can run America. What has she got that I didn’t use to have and can’t get again, that’s what I want to know.” ““ Moms Mabley


How to Get in Touch with Your Artsy Side

Maybe you’re hankering for some painting, or you have a lifelong dream of being part of a kick line, or maybe you just need a way to relax from staring at spreadsheets all day. I might be biased as an art history student, but I believe that everyone needs a little art time to keep […]