Book Review: The Abortionist’s Daughter by Elisa DeCarlo

Recently, the mister noted that I’ve become somewhat preoccupied with early 1900s “upper-crusty British people,” as he put it. Taking a look at my Netflix viewing and some of my reading, he’s not wrong. Though set in New York, Elisa DeCarlo’s The Abortionist’s Daughter fits snugly within a genre rife with burgeoning feminism and class […]


Friday News Bites: Fort Hood, Declassified Files, Mozilla + More

Not a lot of great news this week, but I try to end on an upnote, depending on your feelings for The Lion King.

Pop Culture

Listen to Your Mother: Listen to Yourself

Approximately twenty years ago, I was a theatre minor in college.


Why I Love “Wicked”

I love Wicked -the musical, that is. The book has its charms, too, and was obviously a great inspiration for the show, but it’s the latter that holds the keys to my heart. I’ve seen it three times: once in London in 2008, twice in New York in 2010.


Theatre is Good for Teen Spirits

Over the holidays, I was smacked in the face with memories based around my high school theatre experiences. My family visited the Cole Porter Room at the Indiana Historical Society, and I started having flashbacks to my days as a sophomore on the set of Anything Goes.