Pop Culture

‘The Cosby Show,’ ‘Who’s the Boss,’ and Other Shows that Premiered When I Did

On Tuesday, I turned 28. Apparently, the older you get, the more time flies, because I feel like I just turned 18. It doesn’t help that I recently took on a new job in social media at my alma mater, so I am constantly being mistaken for a student when I really just want to […]


Come and Knock on Our Door

We’re moving in with Nana, y’all. Let the Three’s Company style shenanigans begin!

Tuesday Trivia

Tuesday Trivia: Three and a Bit

For trivia tonight, we have a list of threes– sort of.  All of these things, except the Marx Brothers, were meant to be threesomes but, over time, actors dropped in and out, books got added, or one more movie got made.  The Marx Brothers started out with more than three brothers, but two dropped out […]