Record Machine: Thriller by Michael Jackson

In a mere nine songs, Michael Jackson made a masterpiece. This is more or less undisputed. Let us talk about one of the most prized records in my collection.

Open Thread

This Open Thread is Getting Psyched for Halloween

And that can mean only one thing… Time to work on my “Thriller” moves!


Books: Edge of Your Seat Awesomeness

TW: two of the following books contain violence. I’m a book slut: I have a lot of different desires, tastes and passions, ever-changing according to my mood. Lately, I’ve been gravitating toward suspenseful reads that have me scooting forward on my tiny el train seat, frantically clicking the Forward button on my Nook until the […]


Cube, or One Blogger in Search of a Context

Cube is a 1997 horror/sci-fi/surreal/thriller/mind trip Canadian movie. It was inspired by a Twilight Zone episode called “5 Characters in Search of an Exit,” which itself references Luigi Pirandello’s play, Six Characters in Search of an Author. And it was weird. Technically, the movie opens with a gruesome death, but the real meat of the […]

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Movie Nights: Charade

I’ve been on a classic movie kick lately. My most current re-watch? Charade. I love Carey Grant and Audrey Hepburn, so together they make a magical pair, and to me, even better than in Roman Holiday.