Women In Academia

Women in Academia: Playing with House Money

Thank you so much for your comments last week. You all helped me identify many sources of funding that can be broken into three main categories: in-house or university/department funds, external fellowships and scholarships, and personal funds. This week, I want to talk about university/department funds that some of us use to get by.

Gift Guide

LadyGiftguides: Eat, drink, and be merry!

Sometimes, there is just no better or more appropriate gift than food. Take my brother, for example. He recently landed an excellent job (the lucky bastard) and is now able to buy himself virtually anything he wants, meaning that his Christmas list is pretty empty. Not to mention that I shot my gift wad last […]

Mental Illness

Depression in the Recession

The last time I was unemployed was in the summer and fall of 2006.  When people use the term funemployment, well that’s what it was.  I relaxed, I read books, I went to yoga, I rode my bike.  I was stress-free.  I qualified for unemployment and food stamps, which covered my living expenses.  I wasn’t […]