Lunchtime Poll

Lunchtime Poll: What Are Your Spring Cleaning Tricks?

It’s officially spring, which means a lot of things: spring fever, spring training, and yes, spring cleaning.


The Grammar Bitch: Filling the Page

One of the hardest things for any writer to do is to write a minimum required number of words or more. I personally hate assignments with specific length requirements, because I feel that it only encourages sloppy writing and stupid formatting tricks.


Cannabis Talk Time; A “Merry-juana” New Year

Happy 2011 everyone! After a bit of a break to deal with some of Wash’s cancer issues we are back! We hope everyone has survived the winter holiday season intact and without any new bad incidents. In today’s episode our intrepid time travelers Wash and Tashi visit 2011 from 2010…


Tips for Writers – Five Minute Energizers

We do a lot of writing here.  We’ve had days where we’ve collectively written 20k words, and managed to spell most of them correctly.  We’ve each also had days where it seems easier to crab walk through wet cement than it would be to fill another story slot in our calendar.