This Week in Misogyny: On Ray Rice, the NFL, and Domestic Violence

Let’s talk about the Ray Rice situation. (Trigger warning: domestic violence. The actual elevator footage is not included in the post, but can be found at many of the links.)

Respectable News Outlets and Women’s Appearances

Yesterday I posted that trite fashion feature, courtesy of Time Magazine, about women who looked fat at the Golden Globes Award show. I was shocked that a serious news organization would provide exposure to ideas that are more suitable for TMZ or some Livejournal blogs.

Miley Cyrus and the Bong Hit Heard ‘Round the World

You may have heard by now, if you read any B-class online news venues or follow gossip/celebrity blogs or have the audacity to check Google Trends, that Miley Cyrus was recently caught on tape smoking what sources say is salvia. This revelation set off a chain reaction of increased salvia sales (“We’ll have the stuff […]