Friday News Bites: #BlackLivesMatter, Obituaries, SPACE! + More

Happy New Year, unicorns! I hope you aren’t too hungover for some news today. I took last week off because of Christmas, and who needs grim news on Christmas? Certainly not me; I’ve had enough of that in the past. That said, I’ve also got some non-grim stories to take along with your Alka-Seltzer. Let’s […]


Delayed Gratification Works for Me

Sesame Street continues to have amazing points about how to live your life. Tom Hiddleston and Cookie Monster were on to something when it comes to delayed gratification.

Just for Fun

New Years Resolution Check-In

It’s almost the end of January, which means if you’ve made resolutions for this year, you’re already looking at your life and your choices and realizing maybe you need to accept that some things will never change.

Lunchtime Poll

Lunchtime Poll: Winter Movie Season

The clocks went back, the leaves have fallen, and it’s gotten cold. It can only mean one thing is upon us. Winter movie season is here! This happens to be my favorite season for movies because you get all the award pandering movies. Hollywood also pushes blockbusters and family fare upon us again. Watching movies […]

LadyGhosts of TV Past

What I Watched Last Night: Wallander, BBC vs. Swedish Editions

How I ended up being really interested in a more high-brow variety of crime television, I’m not entirely sure, but both the English-speaking and original Swedish versions of Wallander satisfyingly scratch that itch.