Goodbye, Monday

We’re out for tonight, but feel free to hang out in the comments and in the forums (the link is right over there to your right.)  Keep your suggestions for Middlemarch Madness coming, Bee and Sara B. are working on a post for Wednesday afternoon that will list all the potential heroines broken down by […]

TDG – 2/7

G’day Persephoneers!  How’s your Monday starting off? Having trouble getting in gear?  I am technically doing this post on Sunday night and already I can tell that tomorrow morning is going to be rough.  Fortunately, this song came up on my ipod the other day and reminded me how much I like to listen to […]

Daily Goodie: Owls are Wise

There’s so much wisdom in owls. They know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. They know that the only way to get answers is to ask questions: “Who? Who?” And, of course, they know just how horrible hangovers are. Even if you’re not a drinker, you know […]

Tuesday’s Gone

Like the Skynard song, we’re signing off for the night.  Thanks, readers and writers, for another fantastic day at the ranch.   We’ll be back at 9 tomorrow morning to enlighten and delight (delighten?) you some more.