Gift Guide

50 Pretty Good Father’s Day Gifts For $50 or Less!

Although every family is different, lots of people have trouble thinking of things to get for dads. Most of them don’t accessorize much or make boards of stuff they like on Pinterest. That’s why magazines and other blogs do lists like this, but lots of the suggestions on them strike me as impractical, and many are […]

We try it!

We Try It: 750words

I am working on my dissertation. Recently, a friend of mine, who is also working her way through graduate school, brought the website 750words to my attention. 750words hassles you into writing 750 words every single day. She had heard good things about it, and now, after nearly a month of use, I am here to […]


Give Us the Pink Tools, and We Will Finish The Job

My first car was a real beater. When I got it, it needed quite a bit of work. My dad, a lifelong DIY guy, told me to get my shoes and some old clothes on because we were going to go outside to work on my car. This elicited major whining on my part. I […]


Kiss My Arsenal: Molcajete

Apologies for my poor timing in discussing a summery item during the fall season. But, if the national weather maps are any indication, many of you are having summer weather right now anyway. After focusing on a few major kitchen tools, I thought I’d go in a more multicultural direction to rave about my molcajete. […]