The Top Ten Reasons My Kids Have Been Crying

There is a reason “Reasons my son is crying” is such a successful and hilarious blog concept: It’s all true. Small children melt down over a lot of things. The few times I’m not annoyed with the little blighters for being unreasonable, I catch myself envying them the joy of letting it all out. There […]


Persephone Magazine’s Top 10 Food Posts of 2011

We fucking love eating. If there were a real P-mag office, we’d have the best food of any office, ever. I’ve been scouring our archives looking for the very best of what we had to offer in 2011, and compiling this list of our best food posts has made me really hungry. 


Persephone Magazine’s Top 18 Ladyguides of 2011

After eating, one of our favorite things to do around these parts is to tell each other how to do stuff. From the practical to the crafty to the just plain fun, we’ve stockpiled a huge group of writers who know how to do some pretty offbeat things. After reading through the Ladyguide archives, I […]


Top Ten Glee Tunes

Everyone has an opinion about the songs those lovable New Directions kids sing every week, and it’s not always positive. Glee’s audience has graduated from wonderment at an actual musical drama on TV, to dissing the showtunes that seem to be stealthily taking over, hating on the classic rock hits Creepy Schue loves so much […]