Friday News Bites: Police Misconduct, Human Rights + More

Greetings, Persephoneers. We have a varied roundup of news stories this week, but still quite a bit about police misconduct. Let’s get started, and we’ll end on an up-note, I promise.

News in Europe

Oksana Makar Continues to Fight; Suspects Possibly Planned Crime

[Trigger warning for rape, strangulation, burning, victim-blaming, and slut-shaming; but at least corruption isn’t playing such a big part] Oksana Makar, the 18-year-old who was raped, strangled, and left on top of burning embers in Mykolayiv, Ukraine, has spent this week in a burn hospital in Donetsk, undergoing surgeries and holding onto life. The most recent […]

International Women's Issues

Call for justice for Oksana Makar: Rape Victim in Ukraine

[Trigger warning for rape, horror, torture, corruption] You know that feeling, when something absolutely, horrendously terrible happens, and there is nothing you can do? And then you find out that nothing is being done, even by the people who can possibly serve justice? And then you feel a need to get involved? Get ready, because […]


Vegan on Vacation: Seville, Spain Edition

Exporting ethics is tricky business. Whether you are the sole vegan at Thanksgiving dinner, or out with a bunch of new travel buddies while traveling abroad, handling ethical issues without seeming like an insensitive, self-involved jerk can be a conundrum.