Friday News Bites, Part 2: Republican Malarkey, Tianjin Explosion + More

After covering what’s going on in Ferguson and the #BlackLivesMatter movement, let’s get to other news stories of note this week.

We try it!

We Try It: BarkBox

One day, the advertisements finally got to me, and because my puppers is a spoiled brat princess of a dog, (and because I had a coupon code) I did it. I ordered BarkBox.


These Are a Few of Our Favorite (Dog) Things

With Black Friday looming, we thought we’d list some of our favorite things for dogs. Some of them are for the dogs themselves, and some of them are to make the dog owner’s life easier. We’ve avoided the decorative and cute things because, as most dog owners know, there are literally thousands of places to […]


“I Don’t Play With Girl Toys!”

So said my five-year-old nephew on Sunday. And then Feminist Auntie came out in full force.


Pink Shovels

I bought my daughter a snow shovel recently. She loves playing with the real one even though it’s taller than she is by at least a foot, and since she’s young enough to think it’s fun, why the heck wouldn’t I put her to work? Except I had to face the annoying decision of whether […]

Persephone Birthday

Birthday Giveaway: Bryn Gives Away Doctor Who Mini Figures!

There are plenty of Whovians around these parts, and we want you to know we love you deep down in our geeky hearts. OK, that kind of sounded like a poem.


Lego Friends and the Problem of Gendered Toys

Lego has been making waves with its new “Friends” collection for girls. While some have praised the move for trying to encourage girls to play with building toys they might otherwise shun, others see it as unnecessary and pandering. The more I look at the issue, the more I realize I can see both sides […]

Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide: How to Shop for Babies and Toddlers

Let’s face it: tiny kids can be hard to shop for. It seems like everything’s either a choking hazard or so loud and obnoxious that it’ll mysteriously break or disappear in the night before the grownups start beating their heads against the wall. Here are a few ideas for the tiny person in your life […]

The Frisky Feminist

Pet Toy Or Sex Toy?

You may have noticed the fairly new “Advertise With Us” sidebar on Persephone’s home page. I was surprised and delighted when a picture of a sex toy came up one day. “Damn,” I thought, “That is one ambitious butt plug.” Except it was a dog toy.

Lunchtime Poll

Lunchtime Poll: 3/11

Last night I played a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos with my kids.  As we played, I remembered how badly I wanted this game when I was little.  I was so jealous of my friends who had it for their very own and could play it whenever they wanted.  But, however much I longed for […]

Pop Culture

Fun and Games Trivia Answers

I have got to say, I was truly surprised by how many of you really don’t like Smarties.  Between everyone who commented, all the questions were answered correctly except the Smartie question, because apparently I am the only one who cares.  No, wait, I lied.  No one got #8 either.  I guess that makes up […]

Tuesday Trivia

Tuesday Trivia: Fun and Games

Today’s trivia is all about fun and games.  I guess that’s kind of redundant, since trivia is itself fun and a game, but who cares?