Persephone Travels: Ghent and Bruges

One nice thing about living in Europe is that you can be in another country in less than two hours, airplane not even necessary. For the weekend, I train-traveled around Belgium.

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LTP: Most Embarrassing 00s Song You Know All The Words To

Unicorns let me bare my musical soul to you, and I’d like it if you bared yours to me. 


[Mis]Adventures in Public Transportation

This summer, Mr. Dormouse and I decided that we needed to cut our expenses as much as we could so that we would be able to adjust our budget and pay off our student loans faster. For a couple of weeks, we fiddled with our budget spreadsheet, and I suggested that we get rid of […]


News Appetizers! Cheaper and more delicious than the entrees you’ll get elsewhere.

Whoooo, what a week. We are incorporating these news-bits into our weekly schedule, so look for roundups on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And since today is Monday, let’s just jump right in.