Friday News Bites: Canadian Election Results, SCIENCE! + More

Hello, unicorns. Why, yes, I do rather enjoy using “SCIENCE!” in a headline rather than typing it like a reasonable person. By the way, did you know that October 22 is International All Caps Day? WHY YES IT IS. That said, let’s shout about this week’s news, shall we?

Op Ed

Takedown: Male-to-Female Scout Cookies

This week’s crapdate comes courtesy of, a website that shot up in popularity after a video posted by a 14-year-old Girl Scout went viral. In the video, the girl calls for a boycott of Girl Scout Cookies because of the Girl Scouts’ acceptance and support of transgendered girls. Here it is, in all its glory:

Persephone Pioneers

Persephone Pioneers: Rachael Booth

I recently had the privilege to speak with Rachael Booth, an activist, speaker, feminist, and the author of Star Light, Star Bright: The Story of a Wish Come True, the incredible story of Rachael’s early life and process of becoming a woman.  Not only is a she an author, but she holds a degree (Cum […]


Five Gateway YA Books

Many adults are reluctant to pick up Young Adult books. Reasons vary, from being afraid to look silly to thinking YA books are pure fluff. Many think that YA is not worth their time. To try to remedy this, here are five YA books to get you started if you’re reluctant to pick up a […]