Friday News Bites: Equality Steps Forward, Entertainment Steps Back

We’ve got a mixed bag this week of (mostly) good news on the LGBT front, and some sad/disappointing news in the entertainment world. Plus, the usual oddball links that strike my fancy. Let’s get to it.

This Week in Misogyny Has Been Around the World

So much misogyny, so little time! We’ve got misogyny in every corner of the globe, more sexism at the Olympics, terrible dating advice, and so much more! (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.)

This Week in Misogyny: New Year, Same Old Shit

Welcome to 2014! Things don’t seem to be much better here in the future, do they? (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.)

Kickstartable: A Documentary about Malnutrition in Uganda

This week’s Kickstartable project is a the production of a documentary called “From the Ground Up.” The project will specifically fund the editing of footage and creating a documentary that tells the story of Harvard students who are improving the lives of children suffering from malnutrition in Uganda.

News in Africa: 11/15/2012

Various diplomats are urging Morocco and Western Sahara to enter serious negotiations to avoid outright conflict. Because of continuing unrest in Mali, there are fears that this instability will spread, igniting smoldering hostilities between Morocco and Western Sahara.

News in Africa: 11/01/2012

In this week’s highlight of African news, I’m going to start off with the bad news and end with the good, because then you can dwell on the positives instead of the negatives. Here we go!

Kampala Dance-Off

There comes a point when one must question the series of choices they’ve made in life. Whereas a single innocuous decision, such as accepting an invitation to a friend’s home, seems harmless, it has no doubt put them on a collision course with a formidable fate. A moment such as this came to me as […]

That Kampala Twang

As the sun rises over Kampala, the city begins to pulse with life. Taxi vans, belching out thick black smoke, lurch onto the roadside, picking up and dropping off customers. They speed back into traffic, competing for ever dwindling space with honking motorbikes, overloaded trucks, tilting semis, and droves of pedestrians. Breakfast stands open, shopkeepers […]

Examining the Effect of KONY 2012

Unless you were completely off the grid last week, you probably saw either Invisible Children’s KONY 2012 video, the backlash against it, or both. While there’s a wealth of critical analysis of whether the KONY 2012 campaign is actually doing any good, there’s no doubt that it got people’s attention. So let’s examine the good, […]