Alice In Wonderland Logic

We’ve all been guilty of it — the inside-out logic of deliberate self-delusion, to try to convince ourselves of something we really wish were true, such as:


Divide et Impera: Boehner’s Machiavellian Plot to Distract You

Lately, John Boehner has been talking a lot about reproductive health care and marriage equality. Why? It’s the oldest game in the book, divide and conquer.


Going Dutch: How I Found My Place in the Workforce

Yesterday, during TMI Tuesday hour, I was asked if I had an opinion about this article on Dutch women and workforce disparities. The article in question highlights the fact that few Dutch women work full time and even fewer seek a career in the traditional sense.


Expired Unemployment Aid Leaves Two Million People Out In the Cold

Thanks to Congress doing what it does best–delaying decision-making until programs just die and float up to the big bureaucracy in the sky–two million people who received extensions on unemployment benefits will be cut off by the end of this month. These so-called “99-ers” (for the total of 99 weeks they were on unemployment) will […]