News in Europe

News in Europe: There Will Be Sanctions!

It’s all about some pretty tough sanctions this week, so let’s have a look:

New Show Recap

New Show Recap: The Walking Dead, S4.E15 — “Us”

Sanctuary for all Community for all Those who arrive survive


About A Bomb

When reading Middle Eastern news, one must always ask themselves this question, “Who will get rich and who will get hurt?” The answer, though often predictable, gives a clear and concise way to sort through the muck that can be weighed down by the region’s heavy censorship laws and long-winded official reports.


Can We Stop Ignoring Iraq?

Sometimes it feels like Iraq has just been filtered out of the social consciousness. People still discuss it, but they often refer to it as a thing of the past. “When Iraq happened,” or, “It cost us [x].” Iraq is still happening and it didn’t cost, it is costing. People there are still dying and […]


A Peek at the Latest Census Data

The United States Census Bureau has just released the results of its American Community Survey (not to be confused with the 2010 Census, the results of which won’t be released until a later date). Needless to say, America’s community news outlets are having a field day pulling relevant information about their region: who has the […]