We try it!

Girl Scout Cookie Hack: Trefoil Brulee

I love Girl Scout cookies. I don’t care that I can get pretty much the same thing for half the price at my local Kroger. The girls doing amazing things on the box always make me smile. In the spirit of Girl Scouts, I’ve decided to go on a mission to use GSCs in new […]

You Complete Me Internet

You Complete Me, Internet: Super Tycoon Wash Edition

The internets are full of magic, readers, and today we’re going to take the road less taken through a links list that will delight and amaze you, as well as give you stuff to bullshit about at weekend gatherings.   So blow off that silly work thing no one is ever going to acknowledge, let alone […]

Op Ed

Fake Beverages, Entitlement, and Society’s Downfall: A Rant

Starbucks is ruining society. As a former barista, with six or more years of experience spread among a number of independent coffee houses, I could write a full rant on what Starbucks has done to coffee, but I won’t, this rant will instead focus on what Starbucks has done to us.


I Failed at Cake

Tres leche cake is both my greatest weakness and my signature dessert.   I am traditionally domestically challenged, I don’t cook often, I’m a terrible housekeeper, if I had kids I would be that mother who hosed off her baby with a kitchen sprayer.  I can, however, make one mean tres leche cake.   Until last night, […]