Vine – What The Heck Is It?

“You should totally do a Vine for that.” “Did you see what Adam Goldberg is doing with Vine?” “Taco Bell just announced a new taco on Vine… how cool!?!” Vine is the newest word in the social media arena, but what the heck is it? 


Get the Look: Amy Pond in “The Angels Take Manhattan”/Autumn Makeup Tutorial

If you watch Doctor Who, you probably looked something like this during “The Angels take Manhattan”:

Open Thread

Weekend Open Thread!

Yay, weekend! Who’s happy to see their friend Friday again?

The Daily Goodie

TDG: Disney-fied Edition

So, even though it makes me a bad nerd, I have to admit that I had no idea what Sucker-Punch was when I first started seeing the trailer. I honestly thought it was an SNL skit or something. But no! Real movie.