This Week in Misogyny

This Week in Misogyny: The Rest of the News Was Pretty Horrible, Too

Y’all, it has been quite the week. We actually have a little bit of good news, but the rest is pretty bleak. Of course, the killings in Santa Barbara dominated the news (meriting a separate post), but here’s everything else that you might have missed. (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.)


On Violence and Womanhood: Reacting to Elliot Rodger

This weekend, seven people were murdered because Elliot Rodger, a wealthy 22-year-old California resident, thought women owed him sex.

News in Europe

News in Europe: The Russians Are Coming

Greetings, citizens! This last week has been all about Russia freaking everyone out. Let’s see if we can make some sense of it, shall we?


News in Asia

This week’s edition of “News in Asia” is having computer problems. Actually, it’s having Internet connectivity problems. One of the things I miss most about living in South Korea is Internet speed. I could download an episode of Scandal in 3 minutes and an entire season of a show in about 10-15. Ah well, enough of […]

International Women's Issues

December 6th

December 6 is National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women here in Canada, and this year it’s the 23rd anniversary of the École Polytechnique Massacre.

Op Ed

#noJezebel: Celebrity, Sex, Forced Re-victimization for Women

[Trigger warning: discussion of rape, rape imagery, and victimization.]


December 6th: National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women

Today marks the 22nd anniversary of the École Polytechnique Massacre, and the 20th National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women.

Persephone Pioneers

Persephone Pioneers: Jimmie Briggs

Jimmie Briggs is someone who has devoted the better part of his life to giving a voice to those who are disenfranchised and often go unheard or misrepresented. As a journalist and activist, he has focused his work on examining child warfare and the circumstances that lead to children being forcefully or desperately recruited into […]


What can we learn from Ben Weasel?

If you have any interest in punk rock or in music in general, you’ve probably heard about the Ben Weasel incident at South by Southwest (SXSW). If you haven’t, here’s the quick and dirty version:


Obama Files for 2012 Reelection

Obama formally filed for reelection today, and marked the occasion with this video. Pro tip: do NOT read the YouTube comments. Whew.