Being Human 1.13 Recap: “A Funny Thing Happened…”

Bishop and Aidan finally face off as the family tries to stay together. Get out the Kleenex, kids.

Being Human 1.10: “Dog Eat Dog”

This week, Sally feels like she’s not part of the team, Josh is kidnapped and Aidan starts a turn down a really dark path.

We Try It! YouTube Beauty Tutorials

Like most women, I find that the thing that drives me to get a haircut is an unruly bangs situation. So, last week, I decided to join the ranks of the few and proud who trim their own bangs at home.

Recap: Being Human, Episode 1.09 “I Want You Back (From the Dead)”

This week, Sally pushes someone away when she shouldn’t, Josh pulls someone near when he should push them away and Aidan breaks my heart.

Being Human Recap, Episode 1.07

Josh comes out to his parents, Sally tries to warn Bridget about her fate and Aidan tries to prevent a vampire/werewolf war from starting.

Being Human Recap: Episode 1.06

It”™s our first previously on! I feel like our show is becoming a woman… aw, let me wipe the tear away. In our first previously on, Josh pushed his sister away, Rebecca is a psycho and Danny killed Sally. You know what, Sally… I think it”™s kind of an ugly ring if that makes anything better. No? Right… moving on.

Being Human Recap: Episode 1.05

Sally finds out how she died, Josh finds out who made him a werewolf and Aidan finds out that Bishop’s making plans… and they’re not for a Valentine’s dinner.

Being Human Recap – Episode 1.04

Josh gets a werewolf friend, Aidan gets a Vamps Anonymous buddy and Sally gets jealous.

Being Human Recap – Episode 1.03

Our voiceover this week is about immortality. The dream of living forever. What happens to the past when you’re living forever, though? The past is haunting the roommates this week. Aidan walks in the streets and sees glimpses of the men he used to be (one of those men was apparently Marten from Q.C.).

Being Human Recap – Episode 1.02

All in all, a solid conclusion to last week’s episode. We’re really starting to get into the crux of the show now, and you can see the season’s storylines (at least those that correspond to the UK series) being set up.

Ladyghosts of TV Past: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 1, Episode 5, Never Kill a Boy on the First Date

“We haven’t been properly introduced. I’m Buffy and you’re “¦ history!”