News in Asia

Welcome, friends. This week’s edition of “News in Asia” does not contain much in the way of happy news (and comes with a trigger warning for discussions of rape), but there are one or two bright spots, including a children’s circus in Afghanistan and the creation of a mega-park in New Delhi.


They Say Fraud Prevention, I Say Voter Supression

That title makes more sense if you hum it to the tune of the line, “You say either, and I say either.”

Canadian Politics

31,000 Complaints to Elections Canada Can’t All Be Wrong

So things’ve taken an interesting turn in the land of Canadian politics: the Conservatives have been accused of all-out election fraud, in the form of misleading phone calls directing voters to incorrect or non-existent polling stations, impersonating Elections Canada officials, and posing as Liberal or NDP staff while making harassing, annoying, or otherwise unwanted phone […]