Living Through Domestic Violence – My Story

**TRIGGER WARNING – This article contains descriptions of emotional and physical violence and abuse.** When I look back on my life and past relationships, sometimes I can’t believe what I remember, and what I don”˜t. It feels like I’m watching someone else’s life in a movie – a badly made, educational video that you might […]


A Troubling Silence in Bahrain

It was only three weeks ago that tens of thousands of demonstrators went marching through the streets of Bahrain. They were congregating at Pearl Roundabout, protesting at the embassies and camping out to hold their ground.


The Day My Mom Died

The day my mom died, it was beautiful outside.  The unbearable summer heat had started to break, the sun was shining and the sky was clear blue.  It was a Saturday, and I had all sorts of plans for things I was going to accomplish before I got The Call.