Ladyghosts: Veronica Mars – Weevil Appreciation

I didn’t manage to get my Veronica Mars recap done for today, but y’all know that 75% of the reason that I watch VM is to get my Weevil time in.  So I decided to bring you a little gallery of Weevil photos for today!  You can thank me later.

Ladyghosts: Veronica Mars Episode 10

A Weevil-centric episode! My faaaavorite! <3 What antics has Weevil gotten into this time?  Oh, just a high stakes (in my opinion) poker game with Logan, Duncan and a couple other 09er-bots.  Say wha-?  The episode starts off with Weevil totally kicking the ass of the HAL 09ers that he’s playing with and winning the […]

Ladyghosts of Television Past: Veronica Mars Episode 2

Welcome back to my re-watch of Veronica Mars.  We’re on to episode 2 now and the characters we were introduced to last time are starting to get fleshed out a little more.  The mystery of the week is why Weevil’s grandmother was accused of credit card fraud.  Weevil lives with his grandmother, who cleans house […]