Photographer Spotlight: Finch

We would like to welcome the newest addition to our little family here at Persephone! This is Finch Linden, a wonderful photographer who was more than willing to contribute to this site. Lets all make her welcome. She has some amazing photos of just about everything. Here are some photos below. Take a look and enjoy this […]

Lunchtime Poll

Lunchtime Poll: 12/21

I love dates that are also palindromes.   I am a giant geek. How’s Tuesday treating you? Well, I hope.   Before I get to pollin’, I’d like to introduce our two brand new interns, Moderator Bee and Moderator Stephanie.  Both are over achieving college students we’re collectively sure will run the world one day.  

Public Service

Letter from the Editor

Good morning, or whatever time of the day it happens to be while you’re reading this.   Welcome to the brand new Persephone Magazine!  We’ll be doing our best to bring you fresh content all day, every day, at least once we work out the kinks.   I’m Ophelia Payne, your humble editor,  and I’m actually three […]