The Well-Meaning Jellyfish in Your Life

We’ve all had a “well meaning” person crop up in our life now and again. That person who offers you diet pills even though you never asked for advice on losing weight; the person who takes it upon themselves to tell you all about what an asshole the guy you just started dating is; the […]

The Beggars’ Banquet: On Dieting Before a Wedding

I’m engaged to be married next year, which is a fact I celebrate as Beyond Awesome, because I really love this dude. But to say that said occasion has spurred a fascinating new tailspin into the dubious world of self-doubt would be a massive, ugly understatement.

Raising Hope: One Flipflop Short

Once again, there is no new Parenthood tonight, which makes me sad. I did catch the last fifteen minutes of Glee, which was kind of amazing, but I’ll leave that review to Selena. Instead, I’m recapping Raising Hope, that quirky comedy that comes on after Glee each week.