Record Machine: Wendy Carlos and The Well-Tempered Synthesizer

When I was looking through some of my inherited vinyl collection and I saw the title The Well-Tempered Synthesizer, I thought, “Well, now I have to know what something called that sounds like.”

Canadian Politics

101 (or so) Ways to Overhaul a Nation in One Easy Budget!

It’s budget voting time! The breath-takingly sweeping omnibus budget is currently being voted on, and the opposition parties have put forward hundreds and hundreds of amendments that all need to be voted on before the budget itself can be passed. Considering that this budget has enormous ramifications for everything from Old Age Security to environmental […]


Book Review: The Marbled Swarm by Dennis Cooper

The Marbled Swarm is one of those books where I thought, “What the hell am I reading? Maybe if I keep going, I’ll figure it out.” Luckily, it’s a short book, so I didn’t have to submerge myself in WTF-ness for too long. If you combined Lolita and Eyes Wide Shut, and then added cannibalism […]