Gift Guide

Holiday Giving Guide – In Which Money is No Object

In a perfect world, people could buy things based on how freaking awesome they are as humans.

Open Thread

Weekend Open Thread Commentganza

It’s only nine o’clock, but the hamster in the wheel that makes our server go needs a drink, so we’re knocking off early and letting you guys have run of the place until Monday.  Have a great weekend!

The Daily Goodie

Beautiful Balinese Girls Bring You the Daily Goodie

Good morning, sunshines! Hope the coffee was hot and the commute painless on this last Monday before Christmas.  We’re working on a shorter day for the next two weeks while our various contributors are scattered around the globe being festive.  While we poke the hamster wheel to get the content flowing, have a look at […]

Public Service

It’s Friday Night and We’re Out!

Thanks to all the readers and writers who make this place so much fun to run on the hamster wheel under.  We’re calling it quits a little early today, but feel free to poke around and read any articles you might have missed this week, or go digging through the archives if you’re new to […]