Lunchtime Poll

Luncthime Poll: Food Games

Let’s not pretend: we’re all thinking about food this week.


Rosetta Stone and Life Skills

As you know, I am using Rosetta Stone to try to learn Spanish.  As you may know, if you have ever tried to learn a language, pretty much every scenario involves people being completely dumb and/or socially awkward.  Here are some of my favorites from so far in my Rosetta Stone journey.


Feminism in my Rugrats?!

Through the magic of Netflix for the Nintendo Wii, my partner and I rediscovered the joy of Rugrats today “¦ and in the handful of episodes we chose at random, we overturned a surprising amount of formerly-missed feminist messages.


Get A Job!

I mentioned in a prior post about my disdain for cooking and, subsequently, domestic household duties. I have tried to instill some basic household organization by trying to maintain basic cleanliness and order, but when you have a kid, that’s pretty much impossible. Between the toys, the papers, and the stuff they collect, it’s a […]