Fun Time Open Thread: Tag, You’re It!

I’ve decided to try something new tonight. I’m calling it Trivia Tag. I’ll start you off with a question, and whoever answers it has to post the answer and another question in the comments. Whoever answers that question adds another, and so on. Any topic is fair game. 

Tuesday Trivia and Open Thread: More Geekery!

I’m still feeling geeky, so I am going to use my vast Internet powers to force you to be geeky with me.  I have a pretty broad definition of “geeky,” so another name for this list could be Wild Card Trivia.

Wild Card Trivia Answered

It used to be Diet Dr. Pepper… 1.  This actor has appeared in more James Bond films than anyone else involved with the franchise. That would be Desmond Llewelyn, who played Q.  Up until his death in 1999 he appeared in every Bond flick except “Live and Let Die.”  When he had scheduling conflicts for […]