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Thursday Night Dance Party! Valentine’s Day Edition

I’m always conflicted on Valentine’s Day. Part of me (a really significant share) is an overly-sentimental ball of mush. The other part of me wants to rebel and be difficult and say, “I don’t need some Hallmark holiday to tell people I love them!” Also, there is a residual part of me that is like, […]

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Best of Etsy: Valentine’s Day Cards

Since Valentine’s Day is a a week away, I scoured the internet (read: fell down an Etsy hole) looking for the best Valentine’s Day cards. Here are my finds.

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LTP: 2/14 Happy V-Day, P’neers!

Cartoon hearts and glitter hugs for all of you on this most shiny and chocolate covered holiday.   We have 18 posts on deck behind this one ready to keep you entertained and enlightened all day and well into the night (and beyond, with the second shift open thread at 10 p.m. EST).