The Non-Dieter’s Holiday Survival Guide

It seems that every year around this time, I get gazillions of emails from folks who are nervous about the holidays. Explaining to your family that you don’t want to know the number of calories in pecan pie, that you’re not interested in that new diet book that worked for your nephew’s former roommate, and […]


The Gift Of Receiving

How often have you heard the aphorism, “it’s better to give than to receive?” Well, I’ve heard it a lot, and I must beg to differ. I think they are equally wonderful, but receiving has gotten too bad of a rap.

Lunchtime Poll

LTP: 11/28

Good morning Persephoneers! (Or good whatever it is where you’re reading!) It’s Monday morning once again, and here in the Persephone offices (meaning our living rooms), we’re buckling down to bring you a really great week of content. 

Pop Culture

I Love Claymation, Holiday Edition

What is it about stopmotion specials that makes them so magical? Is it that their earnestness is well-suited to the winter holidays? Or that their clunkiness only magnifies their charm, or that they persist, year after year, unfazed by the advent of slicker forms of animation, like CGI? Whatever it is, my celebration of Christmas […]