LadyGhosts of TV Past

Ladyghosts: Veronica Mars, S1:E17, “Kanes and Abel’s”

There are only six episodes left in the season and that means that we’re really getting into the depths of Lilly Kane’s murder and the cover-up conspiracy.  Sad news: There is not really any Weevil in this episode.  Good news: There’s no Leo, either!

New Show Recap

Bones Recap 6.15: The Killer in the Crosshairs

This week, after finding a dead counterfeiter (who was in the witness protection program), Booth instantly recognizes the bullet and style as Jacob Broadsky and the team works not only to figure out exactly how Broadsky”™s victim was killed, but who the next one might be.

Op Ed

Fairly Misogynistic

I have been down with USA Network since the days of the good ol’ Cartoon Express. Although they tend to get overlooked every year during awards season over the years the quiet geniuses in USA’s programming department have managed to tap into the innermost workings of the American t.v. viewer’s brain (I am convinced that they […]