Op Ed

Fairly Misogynistic

I have been down with USA Network since the days of the good ol’ Cartoon Express. Although they tend to get overlooked every year during awards season over the years the quiet geniuses in USA’s programming department have managed to tap into the innermost workings of the American t.v. viewer’s brain (I am convinced that they […]


In Defense of Leg(ging)s

Maybe it”™s because I grew up in the 80s, when dancewear was all the rage and everyone wanted to be Jennifer Beals or Olivia-Newton John or just about anyone on Fame. Or maybe it”™s because I remember how the triumph of Jennifer Lopez”™s fly girl style over Kate Moss”™s heroin chic in the mid-90s left me giddily anticipating the day I could rock spandex to a beat down the boulevard with the confidence of a grown woman. It”™s probably for both of these reasons, among others I thought obvious, that I have been overjoyed to see leggings re-emerge in fashion over the last five years.