Lunchtime Poll

Lunchtime Poll: Worst Advice You Ever Read in a Women’s/Young Women’s Magazine

Women’s magazines, no matter which age group they target, are always chock full of really terrible advice. 


My Pins, My Self: Getting Pinned and Liking It

I work in tech, and over the past few weeks I’ve found myself in various conversations about the resounding success of Pinterest. The site just reached 10 million users, and is growing rapidly. But something I’ve repeatedly been hearing from my male colleagues is that they don’t quite get it. They have accounts, and they’ve […]


For a Different Self

Sometimes when I’m bored and tired and don’t have much energy to muster, let alone put toward doing something productive, I’ll just flip through pages on StumbleUpon. Occasionally, I find things that are interesting; sometimes I find things that I feel entirely indifferent toward; and at other times, I find things that I can’t help but […]