Ask STFU Jezzies – New and Improved Edition

Now with less Jezzies and more STFU! So you may have heard that I am no longer doing STFU Jezzies.  I will still be doing Ask STFU Jezzies to fulfill my desire to tell other people what to do with their lives, but I will be changing the name. (Creative suggestions welcome!)  So I’m here […]


Political Roundup 1/28

We’re back with another litany of Congressional chicanery, including a bill to redefine the word “rape” and another to privatize Medicare and another to enslave politicians to corporate money, but don’t worry! There’s a funny Jon Stewart video to balance it all out (that will balance it all out, right?). Happy Friday, guys!


Baby, It’s Still Cold Outside

With the blizzard in New Jersey stranding me in my home, today seemed like the perfect day to do a post on the song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” and guilty pleasures in general. I think I have listened to the Glee version of this song (and watched the clip from the episode) at least 60 […]