Being a TCK: a Summary

Due to time constraints (as in, I have almost no time these days), I’m going to wrap up this series of articles on what it is like to be a TCK (third culture kid). To be someone who was born one place and raised in another place (or places) is to be someone who is […]

News in Europe

A Huge Chunk of Euronews!

DENMARK ““ (BBC) Two men suspected of planning a terrorist attack have been arrested in Denmark, the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) says. The men, who are brothers with suspected links to a militant Islamist group in Somalia, were arrested late on Monday night. One was arrested in the city of Aarhus, with the […]


Updates on the Libyan Uprising

The current situation in Libya has become one of both triumph and tragedy. In the east of the country, the opposition seems to be firmly in control.

Op Ed

Why is Saudi Arabia so Repressive?

It’s somewhat shocking to realize that most people do not know the modern history of Saudi Arabia. Even though it’s a major ally of the US, a key player in the global economy and one of the most oppressive regimes in world history, most Americans (and Europeans for that matter) simply have no idea how […]


The Hidden Cities of Paris

Paris is easily one of the most referenced cities in the world. It is the capitol of romance, of lights, wine, and of course, cheese. Every year Paris undergoes a number of strange transformations and the whims of the government. The Seine is turned into a beach during the month of August, with palm trees […]