Op Ed

Takedown: Gender Equality is a Joke

You know what’s always funny? Jokes about feminists. HAHAHAHAHA. Oh wait, that’s called a lack of creativity and being a lazy comedian. You know, low-hanging fruit. It’s not funny because it’s clever, but rather it’s “funny” because”¬¶¬†well, it’s not funny. See also: I do not turn off my feminism.


“A Dude Would Wear That and You’re a Beautiful Woman, So You Should Not Wear This”

Earlier tonight, What Not to Wear had its season premiere over on TLC. I was watching a different show with my mom during the first airing, so I decided to catch the late-night rerun based on feedback I was seeing in real time from fellow sports fans. It was just so unbelievable I had to […]


What’s Your Sign, Baby?

If you answered “Ophiuchus,” then you already know what bomb I’m about to drop–not only is there a previously unknown thirteenth astrological sign, but the dates assigned to all of the signs have shifted. I’m still a Gemini but my bull-headed Taurus husband? He’s now a fleecy Aries, though he’s doesn’t particularly give a damn–I, […]