C U L8R: The Changing Forms of Communication

This morning as my kids were playing quietly by themselves, I was indulging in some online time with Selena. We were swapping emails back and forth. For a moment, I thought about switching over to G-Chat, but  I didn’t. It wasn’t really necessary, we were emailing just fine, every 5-10minutes to each other. At the […]


Leave…Weight Watchers…Alone!!

You may or may not have heard that Weight Watchers (WW) has recently overhauled their famous (or infamous, depending on who you are) points system to more accurately reflect how the body breaks down different nutrients. More on the logic behind that in a moment–for the time being, news sources are focusing on the most […]


Moving in Today’s Economy ““or”“ The Landlords are Winning

In the middle of my frustration with the rent on my apartment being increased and facing the prospect of moving in New York City, I came across this New York Times article about how the balance of power in landlord/tenant relationships has shifted this year.  It turns out that last year when I rented an […]