How to Add a Caption File to A YouTube Video

When interacting with people about building access, there are a couple of things that I get a lot of pushback on. One of them is creating additional documents giving information in accessible language without removing information. The other, and subject of this post, is captions.

We try it!

We Try It! YouTube Makeup Tutorial: Smokey Eye Edition

For this edition of We Try It, I decided to tackle one of the numerous makeup tutorials found in the land of YouTube. Now, the smokey eye is something which has always eluded me, despite my makeup skills. Really, I can wield liquid eyeliner like nobody else, probably because my mom gave me her old Chanel […]

Open Thread

Rolling Till The Open Thread Ends

Y’all, I can’t stop listening to this Adele/Britney Spears mashup. Approximately 100 of the views on this YouTube video are from me.  Dance along with me and catch up with your frayns in tonight’s open thread!

Pop Culture

Firefly, an Interlude

Hey Persephoneers, how’s your Monday?  I have a confession to make.  I don’t drink very often (that’s not the confession part).

Just for Fun

Commenter Party: Google Scavenger Hunt

Starting yet one more new thing today, this is the first in a series of fun activities you can do with/on the blog while we’re goofing off in the evenings.  Each night will be a different thing, so it’s just like summer camp! Mondays are scavenger hunts, where you must use your Google-fu to find […]